Information for Families

The following information outlines health and safety precautions as well as some suggestions on how to dispose of your tissue:

Handling Precautions

For your personal safety, it is VERY IMPORTANT to always wear disposable gloves when handling tissue.  Always wash your hands with soap and water after removing your gloves.  Washing your hands thoroughly is important to remove any traces of formalin (which is poisonous).

  • avoid direct contact with your skin and eyes
  • do not try to smell the tissue as it can case nose and throat irritation.
  • wash off any splashes immediately with soap and lots of running water.
  • wash your eyes immediately with cold water for at least 15 minutes and see your doctor if eye irritation continues.

Suggestions for Disposal

  • for your personal health and safety reasons, it is important not to hold onto your tissue for a lengthy period of time
  • do not store them in a fridge or freezer where food is kept or near animals
  • funeral Directors can cremate body parts for a fee

Burial of Body Parts and Tissue

If you are considering burying your body parts or tissue, ensure that the burial hole is fairly deep.

You may choose to bury them:

  • at your home or other place of meaning to you.  Some people like to plant a tree or plant at the burial place
  • in a pot plant if you wish to bury them at a different location at a later stage

Further information on Coronial Services can be obtained from their web-site or When someone dies - A Guide to Coronial Service of New Zealand.