Tissue Management Services

Communio provides Tissue Management Services on behalf of Coronial Services, Ministry of Justice. 

Tissue Management Services involves the process of returning body samples and body parts in accordance with the provisions of the Coronors Act 2006. Communio has been operating this service in partnership with Coronial Services since  1995.

Our service responds to and includes a number of key steps where families seek to have remains returned which have been part of a coronial investigation:

  • Families may approach the Coronor to request tissue to be returned to them. Further information can be found on the Coronial Services site http://www.justice.govt.nz/courts/coroners-court/.
  • Communio works with the family to establish when and how they would like the tissue returned to them.
  • On the approval from from the Coronor, Communio works with the family to coordinate and facilitate the delivery of the tissue.

All enquiries about this service can be directed to info@tissuereturn.co.nz