The SUDI Liaison Team collect information from whānau in the control (or comparison group), including information about living babies, and also gather information for the coroner under the authorisation of Judge A N MacLean, Chief Coroner of New Zealand.

This is achieved by interviewing whānau or caregivers as soon as possible to collect initial data and make objective measures at the scene where the baby died. We work within the guidelines of the Ministry of Justice and balance the sensitive needs of the whānau with the requirements of various professionals across a range of disciplines. We are mindful of the need to work in a complementary manner with other services and their processes.

The SUDI Liaison Team

  • Melanie MacFarlane, SUDI Study Project Manager
  • Genevieve Ali and Shelley Jonas, SUDI Liaison Upper and Central North Island
  • Judy McIntyre, SUDI Liaison Lower North Island
  • Elaine McLardy, SUDI Liaison South Island

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SUDI Contact details

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Phone 09 377 661
Fax 09 377 1666