Corporate and Clinical Governance

Communio provides corporate and clinical governance services for both public and private health service providers. Our team members have healthcare and clinical management expertise to provide services in the following areas including:

Corporate Governance

  • working with Boards and Executive on corporate governance and regulatory requirements
  • facilitating strategic planning and annual business planning activity
  • introducing and implementing risk management frameworks
  • developing operational manuals, policies and procedures
  • implementing performance measurement and continuous improvement
  • improving funding and financial management practices and reporting

Clinical Governance

  • establishing and reviewing clinical governance and reporting frameworks
  • conducting needs and data analysis to inform service planning
  • developing clinical indicators and processes to support quality and safety
  • establishing consumer involvement and quality committees
  • implementing complaint management systems and patient satisfaction surveys
  • Providing training and education in quality improvement methods and coaching and mentoring for people/teams undertaking improvement projects

  • providing root cause analysis and clinical incident management education and training