Consulting and Support Services

Communio provides consulting and support services to government health and human services agencies, as well as public and private health service providers. These include:

  • Corporate and Clinical Governance -  work with organisations on reviewing and developing governance strategies and frameworks, as well as documenting and implementing organisational change, policy and procedures.
  • Risk and Incident Management - assessment, development and implementation of improved risk and incident management frameworks and procedures to ensure organisations work effectively and minimise its liabilities and exposure in delivering quality services.
  • Maori Capacity Building -  provides organisational capability development, project and change management services for Maori organisations and service delivery providers. 
  • ISO Capability Mentor -  as part of the Shea Pita & Associates consortium, provides capability support and development services to MSD-funded organisations receiving support from the Capability Investment Resource

Our services are a broad and can be tailored to fit individual client need. Our consultants offer a range of experience and backgrounds across multiple sectors, but we bring deep expertise in health and human services.