Development of a Credentialing Framework



ProCare required to revise and update parts of their clinical governance structure and framework in terms credentialing its health professional staff in line with Ministry of Health changes.

Communio provided assistance in developing a ProCare credentialing framework on behalf of its practices which reflected the updated Ministry of Health document.


The approachtaken to this assignment was to:

  • Meet with the Sponsor prior to project start up to understand their needs, confirm key stakeholders and anyrelevant internal documents 
  • Meet with the Sponsor face to face at project start-up
  • Identify existing relevantliterature, policy and any other documents available via the internet or asprovided by ProCare
  • Develop a draft credentialing framework for ProCare incorporating the updated Ministry of Health credentialing document, language and context specific to ProCare
  • Facilitate review and feedback of framework with clinical and adminsitrative stakeholders
  • Provide regular project status updates to the Sponsor (s) throughout the project


Clinical and administrative stakeholders were engaged and participated in the Framework development process.

Desktop and literature review was completed. Framework was designed and developed. The Framework was developed in absence of significant guiding information regarding credentialing applicable to primary care. 

ProCare and its multiple stakeholders were provided the opportuniity for feedback and were satisfied that the document met the needs. 

The final version was revised and submitted and accepted by ProCare Clinical Governance Committee.