Establishing Clinical Governance – Quality Committees and Collaborative Improvement Cycles

Waikato District Health Board


Communio was engaged to assist in the establishment of clinical governance structures and activities within Waikato DHB.  


Communio developed an approach to help establish clinical governance processes across multiple clinical settings.  This involved developing structures and processes to support consistent, standardised and transparent clinical governance activities across the organisation and yet was flexible enough to be used in different settings.  Communio undertook the following approach to this complex assignment:

  • comprehensive consultation to decide organisational needs and the best approach to implementing Clinical Governancestructures and processes
  • providing coaching support for the Board ofClinical Governance in its governance functions
  • supporting the Quality and Risk Manager in the development of the Service Quality Committees to conduct quality governance activities consistently across the organisation
  • establishing Service Quality Committees that would oversee quality activities in each of the Health Waikato divisions.
  • education of quality personnel in supportingclinical governance activities
  • designing and implementinga clinical practice improvement collaborative learning cycle to engage eightclinical teams from across Health Waikato in evidence based and structured processes for the review and improvement of clinical services


  • The Board of Clinical Governance defined its role and function in the organisation as the overseer and of clinical quality.
  • Senior multidisciplinary Service QualityCommittees were in place in all of the clinical divisions and were driving the quality agenda in their respective settings
  • Quality personnel were equipped and educated to be able to assist clinical teams in conducting quality review and improvement activities relevant to their areas of clinical delivery
  • 12 multidisciplinary clinical teams from across all of the services had participated in structured evidence based clinical quality improvement activities which simultaneously helped them to solve an issue and engaged them in clinical governance in their area as well as equipped them with the skills and approach to solve future problems in a robust way.