Developmental Evaluation of a Māori Health Promotion Service

NZ Ministry of Health


The purpose of this project was to evaluate the Māori HealthPromotion Services contract delivered by a Maori CharitableTrust (Ngā Kete) service provider.  The project was delivered in partnership with Shea Pita and Associates and Communio.

The purpose of the Developmental Evaluation was to “work alongside the Trust to achieve and evaluate the organisation’s progress in carrying out their contracted outputs”. In doing so, Trust health promotion team could use the evaluation to hapai (lift up) their mahi (work) and support the continuous development of their model of care – He Poha Oranga. 

Further, the team would develop an evidence base; share lessons learned from the evaluation across the organisation and externally; build capacity for self-evaluation; and generally enhance the wider mahi and relationships.  


The Developmental Evaluation comprised both process and formative components and was underpinned by a culturally-specific framework which builds on three theoretical and/or learning bases: 

  • the importance of Kaupapa Māori
  • Ends vs. Means thinking; and 
  • Organisational Theory and Development
Stakeholder engagement was a key strategy for gathering information for the evaluation, and also supporting the team to strengthen and enhance stakeholder relationships. 


The formative assessment identified a number of lessons which the team applied during the development and consultation of a new Action Plan for 2012-2013. This included the team engaging with stakeholders, including key DHB teams, in a more proactive and facilitative way, which resulted in the Trust achieving sign-off from the Ministry of Health of the Māori Health Promotion Action Plan for 2012-2013.

This is a significant achievement for all parties and sets a good working platform moving forward.  The new Action Plan incorporated an outcomes-based approach to reporting, based on Mark Friedman’s internationally recognised Results-Based Accountability methodology (RBA, see 

Government sectors are taking an increased interest in RBA, with the Ministry of Social Development adopting it in all contracts.

The consultants and Trust worked together to build capacity and capability for prospective self-evaluation with emphasis placed on their readiness to report on their new Action Plan using robust sets of evidence gathered during the forthcoming year.