Incident Information Management System (IIMS) statewide implementation Summary

New South Wales Department of Health


As part of the implementation of a statewide incident management strategy NSW Health sought Communio’s technical, project and change management, patient safety and clinical informatics expertise to progress a statewide incident management system. Combined with high-level strategic and policy advice Communio delivered the first state-wide implementation of an Incident Information Management System (IIMS) to 108,000 users across 880 health facilities. IIMS is now a key plank in the platform of quality improvement in health care for NSW Health. Subsequently, Communio provided additional clinical informatics and project management services for the implementation of a newer version of the application supporting the IIMS.


Communio's project management method was initiated, planned, executed, controlled and closed-out with extensive reviews and approval processes.

Management of this large and complex project over two years included service provider process and contract negotiations, project planning and implementation, staff training, extensive stakeholder consultations, culture change management, policy development, risk and issues management and development and the implementation of evaluation strategies.


The IIMS solution was delivered to all facilities and NSW health employees, allowing them to record all healthcare incidents. This has given managers access to incidents that have occurred in their own areas and ensured recording of the results of investigations and reviews and generation of reports on all logged incidents.

Deployment of the IIMS, the associated business processes and the updated application version (with appropriate training) has assisted all clinicians, managers and other health care workers to minimise the clinical risks of health services by managing health care incidents as they occur.

The Communio team's extensive health experience meant that they understood the impact of the introduction of a new system for clinical staff and ensured that the manner of implementation supported the philosophy and clinical imperatives for the systematic reporting of incidents.