Quality Review and Action Plan

New Zealand Ministry of Health


New Zealand Ministry of Health engaged Communio to undertake a process to identify the priorities for quality in the NZ Health and Disability system.

Among other steps, Communio conducted a workshop with senior health experts and other key people in the quality agenda to plan and establish the priorities and then to identify the next steps for the action.

This process resulted in six priorities being established. The Minister for Health had committed to the implementation of these priorities. Communio has now also developed the Business Cases for each of the Priorities.


Following the successful consultation phase, six priorities were accepted by the Minister and Ministry of Health. Communio was asked to provide subject matter expertise, project management support, technical and clinical expertise for the scoping of the six programs.

Extensive consultation was undertaken with a range of senior members of the Ministry of Health and District Health Board, with whom each of the priorities was scoped and developed.

The result was the creation of a comprehensive document, which detailed the most effective methods for achieving each of the quality priorities, identifying the resources and budget required.


The key deliverable from the project is a comprehensive, easy to read and useful document containing:

  • Steps for the implementation of the quality strategies
  • A consistent management approach to health care incidents
  • A national strategy for the improved management of medications across all health and disability sectors
  • A national program for infection control and surveillance, improvement of patient care and undergraduate training for all health professional teams in quality improvement methods.

The report and the programs recommended in it formed the basis of the Improving Quality Action Plan for 2007 - 2010.

The project, delivered on time and to budget, has given the Minister and Ministry of Health a clear path for moving forward in the project's implementation.