Implementation of Incident Management System

Ramsay Health Care


Ramsay Health Care hired Communio to develop and implement incident management policies, education and training for the management of risks of clinical care, as well as corporate risk, throughout 2007.

Communio reviewed current policies and legislation, conducted stakeholder consultation and conducted training workshops for 235 Ramsay staff at its 66 facilities across Australia.


The approach Communio undertook for this project was to firstly review Ramsay's policies, and current State and Federal legislation.

Communio conducted extensive face-to-face stakeholder consultation, gaining agreement for the development of new incident management policies.

Consultation was undertaken with staff from head office, as well as 12 sites across NSW, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria.

The final policy incorporated the key responsibilities for incident management at all levels of Ramsay Healthcare, with priorities for risk associated with incidents and outlining eight key steps to effective incident management.

Communio then undertook an extensive education and training program, with they key aims being to improve the incident management education and skills for the group's clinicians and managers.


In consultation with Ramsay staff, Communio developed the incident management policy following the gathering of evidence of best practice, legislative requirements from several jurisdictions and combining those to create national policy for a whole health system.

Education and training was provided in key areas to 235 staff, with each training sessions evaluated using an on-line evaluation survey tool.

The participants' knowledge of the key steps for managing incidents improved dramatically through the national training program, delivered at multiple sites over a short period of time.