About Us

Achieving Improved Outcomes Together

Communio has been operating since 1994 and has significant experience in the management of complex, sensitive, multi-stream, and multi-stakeholder projects for government, non-government and private sector. We are committed to working with our clients to provide practical and effective solutions to strengthen improve on and add value to our clients’ business or community. 

Communio has:

  • The capacity and capability to undertake significant and complex bodies of work, to commit to intervention programmes on an ongoing basis. This long-term commitment is entirely consistent with Communio’s preference for effecting sustainable ‘whole systems change’ programmes
  • A strong track record and established reputation for reliable delivery of project outcomes on time and on budget, meeting and often even exceeding client expectations. This is due to our in depth understanding of the New Zealand health and human services sector, as well as our experience, strong skills base and the use of rigorous project management methods
  • Team members who are recognised leaders in policy, management and clinical practice
  • Achieved excellent results at the local, county, and national levels in New Zealand, developing strong links to government and non-government organisations
  • Led and supported, advised on and met targets and objectives in a range of key projects that have made areal difference.

The word Communio, meaning “To fortify and strengthen on all sides” exemplifies the company’s practice and commitment to their clients.